One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek:

That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,

To behold the beauty of the Lord

And to meditate in His temple.


For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle;

In the secret place of His tent He will hide me;

He will lift me up on a rock



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Psalm 27 4 5












  • TC in Georgia


    "I enjoy reviewing the devotionals from Digging Spiritual Wells. I can review the recordings as many times as I would like, as well as share them. I was especially touched by the devotional of “Failing the Test”. I know that I feel insecure and unable to reach ‘perfection’, and I fall short. This devotional helped me relate to some amazing people in history, and they too failed. I cannot succeed in anything without Christ! I owe everything to him! And Christ aids me in my failures! What wonderful news."


  • KW in Florida


    "As I listened to the first devotional devotional from Digging Spiritual Wells, I began to cry tears of joy because it was about my life.  I felt as though this devotional was personally for me from God.  All my adult life, I was overcome by fear and worry.   It was so bad, that just making a business call would cause my mind to shut down.  I told people that this was the way I was and that there was nothing I could do about it.


    I knew I had been saved, and that worry and fear was a sin.  God put me in a place where no one could help me.  I went to God weeping and told Him I desparately needed help.  In the devotional, I learned that scripture calls this the "valley of Baca" or the valley of weeping.  But then, God showed up in power and might and set me free of this horrible torment.  God showed Himself mighty in my behalf.  I learned in the devotional, that God showed Himself strong for David at Zion.  And that Zion was where we could see God and God would reveal Himself to me.   I was overjoyed to see my experiences laid out in scripture and to hear it explained in a way that I could understand it.  Now, I am enjoying God's presence each and every day.   I understand now, that God showed up personally for me at my personal Zion just like He did for David.


    Thank you Digging Deeper Wells for helping me understand what happened to me!  It really touched me."


  • JW in Tennessee


    "As I listened to the devotional from Digging Spiritual Wells, I was stunned to learn what God was saying to me.  I had felt as though a large portion of my life had been wasted.  However, as the Pastor began teaching, he spoke about those in "who's heart it was to see and know God".  Then he spoke about the valley of Baca or the valley of weeping.   And I realized, God was showing me that deep in my heart, I really did want to know Him.  I didn't even know that was in my heart.  I had given up on myself in the past.  But God saw through all that, and saw that in my heart, was a desire for Him.  I was deeply touched by this.  God saw something in my heart that I did not see myself.  To have Him reveal that to me, was special.  The pastor then went on to talk about being on the journey or highway to Zion to see the God of gods and how that those on this journey, have a promise that we will see Him.  I was blessed to learn that my experience was not wasted, nor was it uncommon.  And that through it all, God was working to bring about the desire of my heart to see and know Him."











We have chosen not to mention my name, because my heart’s desire is to make this about Jesus and your journey with Him.   We have no desire to build a “ministry” but we do have a desire to build up God’s people.


On a personal level, I am married to a wonderful woman.  We have 11 children and, at this time, we have 9 grandchildren.


I was saved shortly after graduating from high school.  Not long after that, God called me to minister to others and to Him.  I’ve been doing that now for 46 years.  In my walk with God, I have served as a pastor many of those years.  I was also a missionary, for 6 years, to a foreign country.  During my time there, I preached the gospel all over the country, including in the bush, living as the locals lived.  Local pastors were also trained all over the country.  The Lord also saw fit to allow me to preach at bible conferences all over the United States.

The devotionals are coming out of my journey with God and insights He has revealed to help me.  I simply desire to pass on to you, anything that might encourage you in your walk with Christ.


May God strengthen you in your walk with Him,


The Unnamed Believer



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